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This is not about having it all

This is about getting a sense of control over your life
It is about feeling happier

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I strongly believe that we can accomplish big changes through small changes. In the past years my focus has been on trying to find the best way to be as productive and effective as possible, to manage my energy and time efficiently so that I can do all the things I wanted and needed to do.

Elena Padurariu

I am a systemic psychotherapist
and coach

I love reading and constant learning
Mother Wife Friend

Mother of two children, wife, friend, daughter, sister

I enjoy cooking and having guests over
Squash Player

hiker and squash player

I push my own limits

How to deal with all of this? How do I set priorities?

If one asks me: "do you manage it all?", the answer is no, not every day. But I can make a conscious choice about where I want to put my focus on and how I put things in balance in the long run. And this works much better.

I soon realized that I am not the only one and that everyone struggles with finding the best way to manage their roles with success. I also observed that balancing work and life is very different from one person to the other. From my experience it makes a difference if you are a man or a woman, if you are single or you have a partner, if you have children or not, if you are employed or entrepreneur. More importantly, our priorities change over time as we move through different stages of our lives.

My passion for learning about how to lead a healthy life, both mentally and physically while being productive at work, motivated me to create the Master your work-life balance program, a program that aims at supporting you in understanding how to manage the boundaries between your work and the rest of your life, what are your work preferences and the trade-offs you make and how to move towards a better way of managing your time and energy.


Master your work-life balance is a program based on the latest theories in the field of time and energy management, combined with psychology theories about motivation and habit creation. It is designed to be used in both individual and small group setting.

  • Why individual?

    Because the focus is only on you, on your particular situation. Each session is created to fit your needs and support you in achieving your goal.
  • Why group?

    Because you can reach your goal through exchanging and learning together with other participants, by seeing different perspectives, sharing stories. You get not only my feedback, but also the feedback from the other participants. They also told me that this program has been the start of friendships lasting even after the program has finished.

Whatever your preference is, my role is to assist you on the path of change, to offer you professional input for developing your own reflections and a framework packed with exercises to help you focus on your individual situation and motivate you to make things happen in your life.

After this program, you will be able to:

Work Life Balance


Learn how to take more control of your life and make better choices
Work Life Balance


Identify the barriers that block you from getting in control and the resources that you need during the process
Work Life Balance


Better evaluate different choices that you make consciously or unconsciously
Work Life Balance


Use all the tips and tools for making changes though creating and maintaining new, positive habits


The program is designed for individual or group settings and takes place on Werdertorgasse 15, Top 7, 1010 Vienna. By request, sessions can take place in your office.

Happy participants

"Lifechanging! Elena's guiding on this program has really lead to positive impacts on my habits and has definitely lead to more happiness in my life. Discussing modern theories on the topic of work-life balance in its's broadest sense, giving tools and guidance on how to apply them and following up. I can warmly recommend this program to everyone balancing different roles and struggling with always having too little time. Professionally led program! A lot of insights."

Mag. Kristina Hofer,
Mother of twins, PMP, Business Consultant & Coach

"This Programm has allowed me to look at certain aspects of my life I have well ignored or simply overlooked with my busy life as a mother of two children and as an entrepreneur in a start-up phase. Increasing awareness about my daily habits, how I connect with my children when I am very busy at work, triggers of frustration and how it affects my relationship with my closest family members was a great reality check. By looking at those aspects in my life in greater detail, it helped me to create a shift in my mind set and to recognize how many daily opportunities I have to create healthier habits and happier relationships. Simple things like yelling at my children when I loose patience have changed.”

Mariella Gebhardt,
Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur

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